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Who We Are

Forms USA, LLC is a Non-Lawyer Immigration Document Preparation Service Organization dedicated to servicing Pro Se individuals with the administrative aspect of their immigration needs in the United States.

Every person has the right to self-representation but we understand that navigating through the preparation and filling out of USCIS forms alone can be a very overwhelming, stressful and confusing process, especially for non-english speakers.

A wrong entry or typo could create delays on your petition or application; for this reason, seeking assistance can make a difference. Our bilingual specialists fill out forms everyday and are known for being careful and precise.

A Team of Experts

Service Sales Representative

The person who will inform you about the cost of our service and the immigration fees associated with your particular service need. This person will provide you with the list of documents and information needed from you so we can prepare your requested petition or application as per the USCIS instructions which are of public access.

Immigration Document Preparer

The person who will complete your USCIS application on behalf of you based on all of the information provided by you and under your supervision.


The person who will assist you, the petitioner or applicant, in reading the instructions and questions on a benefit request as needed and if applicable.


The person who will translate your documents, if applicable, from the original language into English and who declares to do so accurately and completely to the best of his/her ability.

Note on Translation: A USCIS certified translation is essentially a sworn statement affirming the translator’s ability to translate a document from the original language to the English language accurately for your immigration petition or application. According to the Code of Federal Regulations (8 CFR 103.2(b)(3)), any document containing foreign language submitted to USCIS shall be accompanied by a full English language translation which the translator has certified as complete and accurate, and by the translator’s certification that he or she is competent to translate from the foreign language into English.

When you hire Forms USA you receive

Detail Oriented Service

A lot of hard work goes into filing a complete and proper petition or application with USCIS; therefore, the shipping of your documents is equally important to us.

For this reason, we always ship our client’s packages via USPS Priority Mail service which includes tracking number, delivery status and delivery guarantee between 1-3 business days (for petitions not eligible to be filed online).

We understand the importance of signing up for notification regarding your pending petitions or applications, so it is equally important to us to allow you to be on top of your requests to USCIS. When you hire our services for document preparation, we will also assist you in creating your online account with USCIS so you can receive email notifications and check your case status updates yourself!

In the case you receive a notification from USCIS to Request Additional Evidence, also known as RFE Notice, Forms USA will assist you in the preparation and translation of the requested evidence at no additional cost.

Our customer service team will help notify USCIS of your address change if you move or will help you call USCIS (as your interpreter only*) if you do not receive a notification on time or if you need to reschedule an appointment due to an emergency.

When you hire Forms USA for assistance with the preparation of your petition or application with USCIS, you have our assistance under your guidance throughout the entire process  from beginning to end and everything in between!