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Immigration Document Preparation Specialists

About us

Forms USA, LLC is a Non-Lawyer Immigration Document Preparation Service Organization.

We are dedicated to helping individuals represent themselves with confidence when submitting petitions or applications to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, also known as USCIS.

At Forms USA, our Immigration Forms Specialists do everything possible to streamline and simplify the administrative process of preparing your petition or application so that you can request your desired immigration benefit or status with completed documents.

Our clients are usually referred to as “pro se» individuals; “pro se” is a latin term for “self” or “in one’s own behalf” and is the term commonly used to refer to individuals who have decided to not seek legal representation on their legal matters and instead, have decided to represent themselves.

With Forms USA you can represent yourself without needing to do the work by yourself!”

We support our community with high quality services at affordable prices.

Immigration Forms we can assist you with!

If you need help interpreting and filling out any of the following immigration petitions or applications, as well as translating your supporting documents to submit to USCIS, contact us today!

Our Mission Statement

At Forms USA, we firmly believe that submitting petitions and applications to change or adjust a status in the United States is one of the most important decisions in the lives of our immigrant and nonimmigrant clients, and as such, we treat each one of your immigration document preparation needs with the utmost care, diligence and professionalism.

The proper completion of your forms is a key step in being able to achieve your immigration goals in this country and thus we work hard to bring you the best possible service at the best possible price so you can still represent yourself, but no longer have to do the work by yourself.

How We Can Help You

When you hire Forms USA for assistance with the preparation of your petition or application with USCIS, you have our assistance under your guidance throughout the entire process.

At Forms USA, we count with a team of experts which consists of Service Sales Representatives, Immigration Document Preparers, Interpreters and Translators to assist you from beginning to end and everything in between!

Our Reviews

I moved to Florida a couple of months ago with my wife and we were referred to Forms USA to help us pay for the USCIS immigrant fee for my wife. They helped us within minutes! We also had questions about obtaining my wife’s social security number, drivers license and insurance and they provided us with all the information we needed to finish establishing in our new city. Thank you for your service.

Brandon A.

Forms USA helped me find a SEVP approved English institute in Miami Florida, they helped me with the registration process for a 6 months academic program and completed the USCIS forms for my husband and I. They translated our bank statements, and the rest of our supporting evidence. My application was approved within 3 months and I have officially begun my English classes.I couldn't be happier! I am 58 years old and it has always been a dream of mine to study English in America. I recommend them.

Maria Elena L.

Forms USA helped me complete all the forms needed for my husband's green card petition and Maria made the process of gathering all the information and documents very easy. My husband got his permission to work within 3 months and we are currently awaiting our marriage interview. I have the certainty it will be a successful interview as we have all of our documents translated and very well organized. Thank you!

Bailey Z.

I submitted my asylum petition with the help of Forms USA. Deciding to proceed with our asylum petition was one of the biggest decisions my husband and I had to make for the future and safety of our family. Our representative Maria met with us personally on 3 occasions to gather documents and interpret questions on the USCIS form. Furthermore, she gave us great customer service over the phone throughout the entire process. We had a lot of evidence that needed translations and they took care of them all. Their service was very professional but above all, we were treated with respect. There was a lot of confusion prior to choosing to work with them and we are so happy we did so, they are so organized and it was very nice to have one stable terminal to communicate with the entire time."

Diana P.